We are Robito, a software development company based in London, UK.

We support your applications and projects as if they were our own.

We’ll help your applications run smoothly every day, and plan well ahead for future growth of all kinds – of your user base, of your project’s complexity, and of the technologies of the web itself.



One of the most challenging aspects of software development is the initial planning of the architecture for an application. If you’re wondering how to best organize the various components of your project, then let’s see what we can do.


We believe that WordPress plugins are the apps for WordPress. They extend the core functionality of WordPress and allow us to do more than simply manage and publish our content.


When it comes to building applications for the web, WordPress also provides a solid foundation off of which said software can be built. We think that we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.

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Managed Hosting

Robito uses its own software, a fully managed cloud platform for unparalleled scale, security, flexibility, and performance. Optimised to make your site shine, every day.

Implementation and Support

End-to-end guidance and hands-on support, from project consideration through launch and every day thereafter. We offer expert guidance and hands-on partnership every step of the way.

Build Your Digital Experiences

Solutions at the ready. Robito powers mission critical enterprise media and marketing systems. It can serve as the entire backbone or a key component of your digital content management infrastructure.


We just love Robito. It has been incredibly efficient to work with Robito and their team of developers.

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